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Friday, November 25, 2005

The Orgasm and the Squirt

FEMALE EJACULATION Part 1----------------- Annie Body Ejaculates on The Dr. Annie Rivers. Click Here to Learn to Squirt or Help Your Partner Squirt One of the great sexual wonders of the world is Female Ejaculation. Called by a variety of names, from the poetic to the worshipful to the crass, Female Ejaculation is the Nectar of Aphrodite, the Fountain of Venus, the Champagne of Sex, the Geyser of Love. Squirting! Spurting! Spraying! Gushing. Female Ejaculation is carnal proof that a woman's ability to hit her lover right between the eyes when she comes is equal to that of a man. Thus, it's importance is not only erotic, but political, as it is a tangible, palatable (i.e., delicious!) symbol of female sexual power. These thumbnails are your gateway into the wild wet world of female ejaculation What, physiologically speaking, are we talking about here? There are, essentially, two types of Love Geysers: 1) G-Spot Female Ejaculation, and 2) Self-Squirting. This video photo-essay will examine both. G-Spot Female Ejaculation The G-Spot and female ejaculation have separately and together been areas of continuous, vociferous debate among sex researchers, doctors, sex educators and porn stars. Skeptics insist that there is no such thing as a G-Spot, that women who squirt are just peeing while they're coming, and all this hoopla over G-Spot Female Ejaculation is nothing but a glorified golden shower. Click on any one of these thumbnails to join us BACKSTAGE and see large-size photos of real Female Ejaculation But throughout history, scientists and philosophers, as well as average men and women, have reported experiencing the forceful release of fluids from the vagina in the midst of sexual climax. None other than that great Macedonian scientist-cum-philosopher, Aristotle, wrote about women's vaginal expulsions which did not have the appearance or aroma of urine and did not stain the sheets. The first modern description of female ejaculation came from the Netherlands, which is not so surprising as the Dutch have long been open-minded about sex. In the 17th century, Dr. Regnier DeGraaf wrote about the urethra being pierced by large ducts through which fluids are discharged, "occasionally in large quantities." In 1950, a German obstetrician, Dr. Ernest Grafenberg found a spot within the vagina which he immediately named after himself: the G-spot. He found that stimulation of the G-spot could lead to expulsion of fluid from the urethra. "Large quantities of a clear, transparent fluid expelled not from the vulva, but out of the urethra in gushes," gushed Dr. G. See Dr. Annie Rivers squirt using the Braun G-Spot Female Ejaculation technique "At first, I thought that the bladder sphincter had become defective by the intensity of the orgasm. But," he continued, "the fluid was examined and it had no urinary character (rather it was) secretions of the intra-urethral glands correlated with the erotogenic zone along the urethra in the anterior vaginal wall." Sounds like squirting! Still, the medical establishment has long been extremely dubious about female ejaculation. Dr. Gary Schubach and others have conducted experiments with ejaculating women, showing that the expelled fluid is "deurinized" liquid from the bladder mixed with discharge from the Skene's gland, considered the female equivalent of the prostate. Yet the debate rages on. What exactly is the Geyser of Love? Is it real? Is it pee? Is it a different kind of fluid released from the urethral glands? Or is it, perhaps (as I suspect), an amazing female sexual mix of fluids, explosive juices and spraying squirting wetness? If women ejaculate, what does that mean about women and men? About penises and vulvas? About G-Spots and urethras? There are lots of hot, utterly unique photos and erotic video, as well as sex educational videos, in our BACKSTAGE area. Check it out! Axel "The G-Man" Braun The most prominent, prolific, "hands-on" modern crusader for G-Spot Female Ejaculation is Axel "The G-Man" Braun, the handsome, nimble-fingered son of renowned Italian sex pioneer and filmmaker Lasse Braun. The elder Braun is the author of The Nectar of Aphrodite, a sort of G-Spot Female Ejaculation Manifesto based upon his personal research into the phenomenon with 130 different women. Braun the Younger takes his father's work into the next generation of ejaculation, using a simple fingering technique that really must be seen to be believed. Axel boasts that he can "make any woman squirt." He almost lives up to his grandiose claim, having succeeded with 9 out of 12 of the women on whom he's tried his method at the Dr. Susan Block Institute. As for the other three: one was deadset against squirting at all, only trying it to prove him wrong; another was sick with a 102 degree fever (on another occasion, when she was well, she did squirt); and the third admitted that she was too worried about what her jealous boyfriend would think to relax and let anything happen. The other nine, myself among them, all squirted with Axel, even though they'd never squirted before. The "Braun Method" is all in the finger action. It begins with the woman lying back, legs spread open, her partner (let's call him the "G-Man") at her right side, if he is right-handed. After some sort of foreplay (kissing, oral sex, nipple play, rubbing the clitoris and labia, whatever gets her wet), the G-Man inserts two fingers into her vagina. Axel uses his middle and ring fingers for this, though you might prefer to use your middle and forefingers. Slowly, the G-Man moves his two fingers around inside of her, continuing the foreplay--rubbing her clit, playing with her nipples, lightly spanking her butt, etc. With probing fingers, he locates her G-Spot, a slightly raised, spongy bump on the "roof" of the vaginal cave (in most women, it is just behind the clitoris). He then finds the center of this spot, pressing it gently but firmly. This pressure releases a warm flow of vaginal liquid, whereupon the G-Man begins vigorously "fingering" her, in and out of her vaginal opening, causing the rapid, orgasmic expulsion of fluid. That is, squirting. We have photos and video of several sexy ladies squirting at the Dr. Susan Block Institute, which we are gradually adding BACKSTAGE. Join now! The first time I let Axel try to make me squirt was New Year's Eve 2000. I'd just done a great New Year's show, plus received a particularly good whipping from Axel's Daddy Lasse on Mario Saucedo's Bondage Cross, and played on Mario's Dildo Chair. All that wild "foreplay" mixed with a few flutes of champagne got me loosened and lubricated for adventure. While Lasse was whipping me, Axel was whispering into my ear that he wanted to make me squirt... To continue to Page 2 of SQUIRTING: The Geyser of Love, Click Here Enter Here to See the Full Squirting Photo Collection! Would you like to squirt? Let us know. Both Beginners & Experienced Squirters Welcome FRONT PAGE FEMALE EJACULATION------------------


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